Sunday, December 2, 2007

My first bike ride

Well, not my first bike ride EVER, but my first ride in WEEKS ...

After having worked in Shenzhen a little over three weeks, I took a break and a bus to Meizhou, about 450km north-east of Shenzhen, to visit my wife and her family for a few days. Thanks to Al Gore for inventing the Internet, otherwise it would've been quite boring since most of the time everyone was out for work, school or other activities. But back to the bike riding ... the ride was on my mother-in-law's shopping bike, going around the block in a breakaway group of one; note the revolutionary bike shoes ! After this long absence of riding a real bike, you take what you can get and don't ask questions.

The peloton, consisting of some of my nephews and nieces, just close behind:

My time in China is almost up, week 5 has begun. I'm back in Shenzhen again, and in six days from now I'll be on the airplane back to the Bay Area. My first tasks will likely be mowing the lawn and decorating the Christmas tree (China has also adopted Christmas, and decorations are seen in a few places here in Shenzhen). Not quite the time yet to say Farewell, but it's been fun here. I will certainly miss Shenzhen and the many very hospitable Chinese people I met. More later this week.

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