Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Egg Nog recipe

Here's my personal recipe for a Christmas Egg Nog. It probably has as many calories as you would spend riding a century, but it's delicious and a favorite drink during Apres-Ski in Europe; for this reason, measurements are in ml (milliliter) and g (gram):

8 egg yolks
500 g sugar
500 ml milk (2%, half-half or even cream is permissible)
250 ml Everclear (or 500 ml brandy)
1 tablespoon vanilla extract

- Mix the vanilla extract and the egg yolks with 250 g sugar
- Heat the milk (don't cook) and mix with the other 250 g sugar,
then add to the above mix
- Add the liquor and mix/blend very well
- Pour into clean bottles (with this recipe you need about
two 750 ml bottles)
- Refrigerate

Before use, shake well. For a quicker delirium, heat the egg nog before drinking it.

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