Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mon, Nov 12 (GMT+8)

Pommi has started his second week in China. Cycling is kind of out of the question here, and if you think that traffic is already a mess in the Bay Area, come to China for a visit, and you wish you were back on US101. Many people have found their way to the automobile but not to driving sanely. As in other countries, lanes are separated by painted lines, but most drivers here take them as a hint and not as a rule. Similarly, cross-walks are hunting ground, and not a place to cross the street. The few cyclists (better: people on bicycles) I see in Shenzhen, don't ride for fun but carry large water bottles or king-size mattresses.

So far I've been lazy (rode the bicycle trainer twice, and walked ~3500 steps up Wu Tong Mountain), but have enjoyed nice Chinese food every day, and once only a chicken burger made by KFC. Apart from American franchises here, you can eat really cheap (while still good) here: lunch at the company cafeteria: 6 RMB ($0.82), or dinner for nine people: 270 RMB ($36); in comparison, a Grande Latte at Starbucks is $3.80 here. This is only topped by the 60 RMB ($8.10) for a glass of orange juice at the hotel bar.

Time for an afternoon break and some ping-pong.

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