Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thu, Oct 25

The month is winding down. We just got back from a week's stay in Orlando, and while real estate prices and temperatures after 6pm are way more appealing there than here, a Florida cyclist really doesn't ever have to look at an elevation profile, simply because it's flat as a pancake there; it is so flat, that you can usually already see on Friday who's coming to visit on Sunday. NB: the highest elevation in Florida is a staggering 345 ft. So I'm happy to be back, and be able to climb Mount Diablo again on Sunday, also having much more bearable temperatures for cycling than in the Sunshine State. This weekends' ride(s) will be my last for the next four weeks / five weekends after this one, as I'll be spending a month in China. I guess that my blogging will also wind down until something note-/rant-/comment-worthy comes up. Until then, zai jian !

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