Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sun, Oct 7 - Diablo Challenge Debrief

7am: 44F in Danville, 50F at the summit, blue skies. The parking lot at Monte Vista High School in Danville began to fill up with riders, some already warming up on trainers, others assembling their bikes, and some deferring the inevitable cold by remaining in the car with a cup of coffee in their hands.

After I finished putting on several layers of clothes, I was told that the Husky race has been canceled due to lack of snow and ice ... just kidding. The ride over to Athenian school was as brisk as the temperatures, to both get the blood circulation going and the old body warmed up.

I was in wave #4, and we started at 8:45am. All the chatter around me was suddenly replaced with heavy breathing, and I tried to make my way ahead of the bunch. From the start. I was going at a higher than usual speed, and hoped that I could sustain it. South Gate in 22 minutes, Junction in 42 minutes (both personal records). From hereon, I tried to pace myself so to not run out of steam before reaching the summit. TBV started in the wave before me (5 minutes earlier), so I was on the look for him since I wanted to catch him (and almost did), but he did a great ride himself, and he finished ahead of me by 38 seconds.

As for Floyd Landis, he preferred to be in Europe today (so I was told). No record was broken, the winning time was 45 minutes and change. Jenny Slawta from Medford, OR, was the fastest woman for the third year in a row. I think we should have two more categories next year: amateur racers and weekend warriors; then maybe we wouldn't feel like we were so slow, looking at sub-60-minute finishes.

Official results are now available, and my rank/time is 707/1:24:29 (personal record).

Some pictures:

@Devil's Elbow

View from the summit:

View of the crowd:

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