Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sun, Oct 14

I didn't know until today that there's something called Diablo-Fatigue. Not only that I was a little bit tired from yesterday's ride, but when arriving at Athenian School today, it dawned on me "Diablo ? Again ??". Well, it was my choice, for the fifth Sunday in a row, so I literally crawled my way up to the summit. Compared to last weekend, I was about 13 minutes slower today; yes, it was that pathetic.

On top of that, riding through Danville always raises my blood pressure. In all that time I've passed through that town, I've seen THREE police cruisers. Today it was that third time, when a cop pulled over and cited a cyclist who rolled through a red light before it turned green two seconds later. I really wonder where the cops are when Escalades and Porsches speed and/or harass and honk at cyclists on narrow and windy Diablo Road. Don't get me started on CARS running red lights, including not stopping on a right turn. It's an anarchy out there.

Unless the last weekend in October won't be rained out, I won't have any opportunity for weekend bike rides until December 8, so it appears that Pommi's 2007 bike season is already winding down quickly. With 2624 miles so far for the year, I have surpassed my goal; I participated in one century, and won the 2007 Mount Diablo Challenge in the category "1:24:29 or worse". My goals for 2008 are not completely defined yet, but riding Mount Diablo in 1:20 or better on a bike lighter than my current 22-pound Trek is one of the goals. The quest for a new bike continues, Trek Madone or Specialized Tarmac ? Who has an opinion ?

Today also marks Floyd Landis' 32th birthday, Happy Birthday! I would've hoped that Floyd would not appeal his case to CAS, but rather move on and get his life and sanity back. What are the chances that CAS overturns the 2:1 decision of the arbitration panel ? Slim at best in my opinion. Therefore the story continues; CAS should have made a decision within four months of the appeal, so by end of February, we'll have almost the ending of the ongoing saga. 11 months later, in January 2009, Floyd is free to race again.

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