Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sun, Aug 19

This week has been a bit disappointing in terms of miles cycled. After last Sunday's 82 miles, I had to skip the Thursday lunch ride, and today we've completed a 33 mile loop, but at least with 3711 feet of climbing.

There's word that Floyd Landis signed up for the 26th Annual Mount Diablo Challenge, an 10.8 mile bike ride that climbs up 3,249 feet to the summit of Mount Diablo. The race takes place on October 7th in Danville, CA. The registration fee is $50, and all proceeds benefit Save Mount Diablo’s land conservation efforts. Last year's race was won by 51-year old Robert Anderson from Mill Valley, CA, in 47:28.3. If you add one hour to it, this would be my finish time. I haven't made up my mind yet, but the race between Floyd and TBV should be exciting.


calfeegirl said...

Aloha Pommi..followed the link from TBV about the Diablo far is that from San Jose???

Would love to give it a go...


ClimbTheMtns said...

Hi Kate and other cyclists reading this post.

You can get more info & ask questions at the new Diablo Challenge Online Community Forum at

We're trying to create more activity at the site, so please pass this link on to other blogs and cycling friends.

Diablo Challenge isn't far from SJ at all; maybe about 40 minutes coming straight up I 680.

Michael DiBenedetto

ClimbTheMtns said...


Sorry, I didn't realize you already posted at the Diablo Challenge Forum. already.


pommi said...

Parking is available at Monte Vista High School only; directions from San Jose:,+Danville,+CA+94526+(San+Ramon+Valley+Unified+School+District:+Monte+Vista)&geocode=11018234264109861600,37.844790,-121.982780&dirflg=&saddr=san+jose,+CA&f=d&hl=en&dq=Monte+Vista+High+School+loc:+Danville,+CA&cid=37844790,-121982780,13632642027351475973&ie=UTF8&z=10&om=1