Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Breaking News: Panel decision imminent

Monday, May 23, 2021

Murrieta, California (Reuters) - Today marks the 14th anniversary of the ending of the Floyd Landis / USADA hearing at the former site of Pepperdine University; Malibu has since been washed into the Pacific Ocean after the sea level rose more than 4 feet over the past decade. To date, the world and Floyd Landis, 45, are still waiting for the decision of the arbitration panel on Landis' fate and whether he can be finally declared or dethroned the Tour de France Champion of 2006. According to inside sources at the WADC (World Anti-Doping Conglomerate), founded in 2012 from the remnants of WADA and USADA, the decision is expected any day now since Richard McLaren will retire in a week from today. Travis Tygart, Dick Pound and Pat McQuaid, WADC's triumvirat, had no comment. Patrice Brunet and Christopher Campbell haven't been seen in public since 2017.

Greg Lemond, 60, recently stated in an ESPN3 interview, that he is still angry at Landis, and that Lemond himself should have won the 2006 TdF. And who doesn't remember Lemond's quote from Aug 26, 2007, as published in the Denver Post:

"I told him, 'Floyd, you may think you can get away and hide your lie, but it's always there and it works on you and it works on you,"' LeMond said. "'And in 15-20 years it manifests itself. It's proven throughout psychotherapy and (with) psychologists and psychiatrists that trauma or lying or not being true to yourself has a dramatic effect on self-destructiveness."'

And here are we now, 14 years later. Landis: "Lemond should finally shut up. I've won the Tour fair and square."

Asked about whether Landis will race the Leadville 100 again this year: "It depends; for the past 14 years, I've hoped that Lance would finally take up the challenge, but every time he bailed out". After Dave Wiens' retirement in 2013, Landis has been winning the Leadville MTB race every year.

Landis also expressed only little surprise about the decision of the 2021 Tour of Colorado (moved from California due to the receding CA coast line) organizers earlier this year, to yank 62 of the 142 riders from the race due to positive doping tests. "It's 2006 all over again, why is the LNDD still in business ?". WADC had declared LNDD the only officially accredited anti-doping lab on the planet. Landis: "The LNDD today yields 800% more positive doping tests than in 2007, and they only upgraded to Windows95 in 2011. This is ridiculous!". Landis could be the first winner in the Tour's 118-year history to be stripped of his title because of drugs.


daniel m (a/k/a Rant) said...

Too funny! Thanks for some much needed levity.

- Rant

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Pommi this is so funny that I actually printed it out and read it to my husband. Both Mr Strbuk and myself think it's genius.