Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sun, Jul 22

While the Pro's have cycled 2554 km (1596 miles) so far this month during the Tour de France, I've managed to ride a mere 247 miles in July. This weekend I added 83 miles to the count; and finally I came clean, and confessed that I'm a doper as per Rant's "definition".

Today I also paid Chain Reaction Bicycles in Los Altos a visit. The 2008 Trek Madone has arrived and just looks gorgeous. The price for 2006/2007 Madone models 5.2 and 5.9 have been reduced drastically; currently the 5.2 is on sale for $1999, and the 5.9 for $3749 (same price as the 2008 Madone 5.5).

2007 riding stats: #of rides: 47, annual mileage: 1815, pace: 3264.

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