Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sat, Jul 28: TdF Stage 19

Provisional standings at 15:54 CEST:

1 Leif Hoste (Bel) Predictor - Lotto 1.05.33 (50.801 km/h)
2 Thomas Dekker (Ned) Rabobank 0.06
3 Fabian Cancellara (Swi) Team CSC
4 Stefan Schumacher (Ger) Gerolsteiner 0.29
5 Sébastien Rosseler (Bel) Quickstep-Innergetic 0.58
6 Bert Grabsch (Ger) T-Mobile Team 1.19
7 Andriy Grivko (Ukr) Milram 1.19
8 Sergio Paulinho (Por) Discovery Channel 1.24
9 Thomas Lövkvist (Swe) Française Des Jeux 2.16
10 Rubén Lobato (Spa) Saunier Duval-Prodir 2.18

Mauricio Soler starts right now; yesterday there were rumors that he had a positive doping test, but it was denied by the ASO.

Sastre starts. Hincapie still fastest at 50 km (time check 3), 12 seconds ahead of Hoste.
Showdown! Levi Leipheimer starts.
Hincapie comes to the finish, and he is in 1st place, 15.52 seconds is his lead.
Cadel Evans starts.
Alberto Contador starts.
Chris Horner is 13th. Gutiérrez beats Hincapie.
Leipheimer is the fastest at time check 1.
Evans is 14 seconds down on Leipheimer at time check 1.
Karpets is in 1st place now.
Contador lost 22 seconds on Evans so far, now 34 seconds.
Contador keeps on losing time on Evans, now at 44 seconds.
Levi 1:12 faster than Karpets at time check 2.
Contador lost 47 seconds on Evans so far.
Evans 2nd at time check 2, 35 seconds slower than Levi.
Contador 1:29 down on Levi at TC 2. He lost 55 on Evans.
Levi now 11 seconds behind Evans; Leipheimer catches Sastre.
Levi comes in 1st.
Contador now only 38 seconds ahead of Evans.
Cadel comes in 2nd, 51 seconds behind Levi, but 9 seconds ahead of Leipheimer in the GC.
Contador comes in 5th, 2:18 back on Levi.

Provisional results:

1 Leipheimer
2 Evans 0:51
5 Contador 2:18


1 Contador
2 Evans 0:23
3 Leipheimer 0:31

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