Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Landis' NPR/KPCC interview

Amusing ... this is all I can say about the rage that evolved at DPF over Floyd Landis' comments on NPR about Greg Lemond the other day. Landis said:

"The unfortunate thing was that Lemond's presence was just a tactic by USADA to take away from the fact they don't have a positive test. He made accusations to impugn my character, and wouldn't answer questions on cross-examination. He should never have been there, he has a lot of problems, I hope he gets help for his problems. He's not well."
"I mean, here I am telling the whole world I didn't do it, and I call one guy who I've never spoken with before and tell him that I did it? The guy's clearly insane, and I hope he gets some help before he does something bad to himself."

The ongoing opinion at DPF is that these comments don't reflect positively on Landis and don't help his PR, and that aside from Geoghegan-gate, this puts another stain on Landis' character. For many, this negative character trait directly translates into his apparent guilt of doping at the TdF 2006, but a character issue has nothing to do with a science and procedure issue.

It is indeed amusing that folks get that excited and irritated, whining about political incorrectness and immorality, and shouting "Shame on you, Floyd", while the bar doesn't sit as high at home, i.e. check your mirror. Landis spoke his mind, and it's his right to do so. And as I said earlier, for me, Lemond lost most credibility the moment he walked into that court room at Pepperdine University on May 17. He then lost the remaining credibility when he brought up his personal experience, which had nothing to do with whether Landis doped or not. From another blog comment:
"I was molested, so you should admit you cheated," is just bad logic and there is no correlation.

You stick your head out, you get whacked. Welcome to the real world. So get over it. Ride your bike.

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