Friday, July 6, 2007

July 6: 2007 TdF about to begin

In little more than 11 hours from now, at 3pm London local time (7am Pacific), Enrico Degano from Team Barloworld will start off this year's Tour De France, with the 7.9km Time Trial / Prologue. What is missing this year, is the rider with the #1 bib, Floyd Landis, last year's Tour still unofficial champion. Yes, it's been almost one year now that Landis' A sample returned positive for an elevated T/E ratio, and until right now, we have not heard the verdict of the arbitration panel. There have been rumors that a verdict would be announced today or tomorrow, just before the Tour starts, but I think that by the time Degano goes on the course, we still don't know who the official winner of the 2006 TdF is.
Having neither a satellite dish nor Comcrash Digital Cable, I have to rely on live audio and live ticker for the TdF coverage, but remembering last year's coverage of Stages 16 and 17, I have no doubt that it will be as exciting as live video.
Good places for live TdF coverage other than Versus:
Tour de France web site

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