Monday, June 18, 2007

Mon, Jun 18

Lack of REAL NEWS and a bit of laziness are the main factors that I haven't been posting much lately. We're still waiting for the Floyd Landis' verdict from the arbitration panel. USADA's arbitrator, Richard McLaren, convicted Jeff Adams, a Canadian Paralympic athlete, to a 2-year ban because of a positive cocaine test. What are the chances that McLaren will make a similar unreasonable decision and find Landis guilty of doping ? For all we can say, it'll be a 2:1 decision, with Brunet the wildcard.

What else are we waiting for? The TdF? Summer solstice? The Book ? Some people got a glimpse of Floyd's book (to be published June 26) and commented also about the lack of new revelations. I've been having similar thoughts, so I keep on canceling and re-submitting my Amazon order, but will probably stick to it. Another book definitely worth reading, is Dave Shield's book about Saul Raisin; Dave started its promotion with a post at DPF yesterday.

After three weeks of abstinence from road biking, I managed to get 95 miles in over the weekend, and a quick 7 (no typo) miles today. By end of the month, I should have reached 1600 miles for this year. The quest(ion) about a new bike regularly comes up, but it takes more time and effort to persuade my wife how important a new bike is. On the other hand, for that money I should finally do the bathroom remodeling ... priorities, priorities ...

Otherwise, it's a slow week, and I'm waiting for the ice cream truck.

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