Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Landis on Letterman tonight ?

According to the publisher of Floyd Landis' book "Positively False" (I received it this morning), Floyd will be on David Letterman's Late Show tonight. The CBS website though says, that tonight's guests will be Amanda Peet, John Krasinski and Bryan Ferry; no mention of Floyd. But, Amanda is also worth staying up late.

In other sad news, money designed to go for a new bike, is now going into landscaping, indoor painting and bathroom remodeling. I guess I'll be looking into a 2008 model ...

Monday, June 18, 2007

Mon, Jun 18

Lack of REAL NEWS and a bit of laziness are the main factors that I haven't been posting much lately. We're still waiting for the Floyd Landis' verdict from the arbitration panel. USADA's arbitrator, Richard McLaren, convicted Jeff Adams, a Canadian Paralympic athlete, to a 2-year ban because of a positive cocaine test. What are the chances that McLaren will make a similar unreasonable decision and find Landis guilty of doping ? For all we can say, it'll be a 2:1 decision, with Brunet the wildcard.

What else are we waiting for? The TdF? Summer solstice? The Book ? Some people got a glimpse of Floyd's book (to be published June 26) and commented also about the lack of new revelations. I've been having similar thoughts, so I keep on canceling and re-submitting my Amazon order, but will probably stick to it. Another book definitely worth reading, is Dave Shield's book about Saul Raisin; Dave started its promotion with a post at DPF yesterday.

After three weeks of abstinence from road biking, I managed to get 95 miles in over the weekend, and a quick 7 (no typo) miles today. By end of the month, I should have reached 1600 miles for this year. The quest(ion) about a new bike regularly comes up, but it takes more time and effort to persuade my wife how important a new bike is. On the other hand, for that money I should finally do the bathroom remodeling ... priorities, priorities ...

Otherwise, it's a slow week, and I'm waiting for the ice cream truck.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Back from Whistler

This evening we returned from British Columbia, where we spent the last 8 days. This was our fifth visit to Vancouver and the first visit to Whistler, where we spent 7 of the 8 days. Vancouver is a vibrant and beautiful city. Being from Europe myself, I love the European flair that not even San Francisco can give you. It is very refreshing to see and feel again the world outside the United States. The people are friendly, the food is diverse and great, and freedom has a different meaning there than in the US. In 2002, we were close to moving to Vancouver, but regardless, we always feel a little bit like home there. Whistler is a great place for many outdoor activities, with mountain biking the most popular sport there, followed by snowboarding/skiing; no surprises then about all the people on crutches. I overheard someone say, that the average age of a Whistler resident is 24; so with crowds like me, or buses of tourists coming to Whistler on weekends, that number skyrockets. Although the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver are still many months away, the excitement in Whistler can be felt there as if the Games would start next week. We spent two days with mountain biking and four days with hiking the area. Towards the end of our stay, we joked that "Bears in Whistler" are a giant hoax or myth, since we didn't see one live bear, while locals told us on several occasions "stories" about recent bear sightings. We'll try again next year.