Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Tue, May 8

The French Anti-Doping organization (AFLD) has now reportedly validated aspects of its testing procedures that were used in the Floyd Landis case. Pierre Bordry, head of the AFLD, declined to talk about the specific findings, which were sent directly to the Landis team.

Since L'Equipe still has not leaked any details (are they on vacation again?), I followed up with an old friend, and he sent me the following:

Cher Pommi,

comment as-tu ?

Ze AFLD has now validated all ze lab procedures wiss regards to Monsieur Landis' tests. Monsieur Bordry was not very forzecoming, so I zought I let you know what zey investigated and validated.

What zey found okay:

1. Ze lab coats are all bleached and pressed
2. Ze MS maschine is still running and zat is ze important thing
3. Ze backups are done every day onto 8" flupy disks, and Marcel, the son of our Femme de Ménage copies them on a CD for Monsieur Pound.

What zey didn't like:

1. Us having our déjeuner next to ze MS maschine (zey wondered what zeese spots on the keyboard were; Chantal had spilled some coca cola.
2. Deleting old data to make room for ze new version of "SPACE INVADERS" and "DOOM".
3. Zey said there is too much food in ze réfrigérateur; we should instead store the samples zere.

I will now leave mon boulot and ride my bicyclette to the Jardin du Tuileries; it is very hot in ze lab, because ze air condition has not been working for sree weeks.

A bientôt,
Ton ami.

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