Sunday, May 6, 2007

Seis de Mayo

Did I miss something between Quatro and Seis ? Not intentionally, but yesterday was Cinco de Mayo. On that day in 1862, 4000 Mexican soldiers smashed the French and traitor Mexican army of 8000 at Puebla, Mexico. Some say that Cinco de Mayo is Mexico's real Independence Day. Anyhow, Happy Belated Cinco de Mayo; after all, the partying is going on all weekend.

The day yesterday was more or less filled with yard and house work; in anticipation of the Century in two weeks, I planned to go on a longer ride today. At about 9:15am I left at Canada Rd and Highway 92, and rode down to Cupertino and through Stevens Creek Canyon. The stretch through Mt. Eden Rd and Pierce Rd back into Saratoga is beautiful. At about 1:30pm I was back where I started, with a mileage of 61. By then the temperatures must have reached the mid-80s. Since my goal was 70-80 miles, I went down to Woodside again and back, for a total of 76 miles. I couldn't imagine at that moment, having to ride another 24 miles to get to the Century distance; but I had a real nice nap after I got home.

2007 riding stats: #of rides: 31, annual mileage: 1096, pace: 3174

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