Friday, May 4, 2007

Quatro de Mayo

"Same brouhaha as last week ?"
"Same brouhaha as every week."

(inspired by "Dinner for One")

The week started out with a bang in the Floyd Landis case, just like the week before, and all has mellowed again; only at DPF, everyone chimes in as usual to analyze and speculate the bits of information we're fed. I'm curious what the breaking news will be between now and Monday morning ...

USADA's Tygart, in a VeloNews interview this week, made an important remark:

"All that we ask in any case, is that people reserve judgment until all the facts are known and both sides of the story have been heard. "
This statement serves as a reminder that we're mostly hearing and seeing only one side of the Landis saga, and that is from the Landis camp itself. USADA claims to not be able to comment on pending cases. Well, so be it. It's only another 10 days until May 14, the beginning of Floyd Landis' hearing at Pepperdine University, Malibu. Only then will we hopefully learn all the facts from both sides.

Others sub-title their blog "Training for my first Century", and this has now become my mantra for the next 2 weeks. A few colleagues and I plan to participate on May 20 in the Monticello Solano Century. So my plan until then is to ride twice during the week and go on 70-80 mile rides once on the weekend. The only thing that worries me .... is having to get up EARLY.

Finally, I have the June issue of the Bicycling magazine in my hands, after posters at DPF already talked about the Landis article in that edition a couple of weeks ago. Steve Madden, Editor in Chief, relives some S17 moments:
"After watching Floyd crack like a club rider the day before, it was, at first, thrilling to see him going for broke. Then it was amazing. Then inspiring."
Madden admits that he can't tell whether Floyd is guilty or not, but states that Landis is not being treated in a just way by the anti-doping system. I will now turn to my magazine. Over and out.

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