Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Malibu, Day 9 - Afternoon

We're on the last leg of the 9-day Floyd Landis / USADA hearing in Malibu. Whether or not we will hear closing arguments today, is not clear. After lunch, Suh will commence the cross-examination of Dr. Brenna, and then call Dr. Davis as his sur-rebuttal witness. How long will this go on ? Cross-examination of the sur-rebuttal witness ? USADA calling Dr. Brenna as a rebuttal witness to the sur-rebuttal witness' testimony ? Surreal.

1:25pm, and again: "NO VIDEO FOR YOU".
Ok, live feed is back for me at 1:37pm.

Brunet: "Welcome back". Suh starts cross of Dr. Brenna. Suh is good, and grills Brenna on the OS/2 peak identification using the internal standard. Brenna makes a confused impression. I think Brenna saved himself from total embarrassment here. Suh calls Dr. Simon Davis next. Davis states that he disagrees with Brenna's testimony on linearity, and that Brenna confused the instrument with another instrument. Davis shows LNDD0314 and LNDD0315, Brenna is making faces [needs new glasses?], shaking his head and rolling his eyes. No more further question from either Suh or USADA. No more witnesses.

Brunet asking for the time for closing arguments. Suh requires less than 90 minutes, wants to go last, as per an earlier procedural order #5 by the panel. USADA also needs 90 minutes or less, but also wants to respond last, as per UCI rules. Brunet claims the procedural order is not clear on who goes last. Suh is conferring with Floyd and Jacobs; Suh declares that they leave the decision to the panel. McLaren decides on the order: Young full arguments, Suh rebuttal to Young, Suh full arguments, Young rebuttal to Suh, Suh last words. Time for a 10-minute break.

I think I'm just going to watch. Coverage provided by TBV.

Young just said that the blood sample analysis that was provided by Denise Demir, showed the highest recorded hematocrit levels of 48%. Cannot say whether this means something.

4:15pm, Suh starts his closing arguments. LNDD and USADA are really getting slammed. Brilliant performance by Suh. The panel can't possibly give it to USADA.

Young gets the last words: "When the facts are not on your side, you accuse people, of lying, hiding, trafficing. We trust the panel to reach its own conclusions.". Suh has no further comments. The hearing will be adjourned until all parties have filed their final documents.

That's it. It's over.

Thanks to TBV and Bill Hue for their dedication and excellent coverage.

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