Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Malibu, Day 8 - Morning

Probably the most anticipated part of the Floyd Landis / USADA hearing at Pepperdine University in Malibu, is this morning's cross-examination of Landis himself.

The session is supposed to start in about 15 minutes. Stay tuned.

9:40am, everyone but the panel members are there. Ok, now they're here, unpack their water bottles, start their laptops, and we've got a liftoff: "Morning, everyone!".
Time left for Landis: 4.4 hours, USADA 11.2 hours. The motion to strike Lemond's testimony was denied, reasons to be provided later. USADA calls Landis as witness. Next, role call. Barnett: "Good morning, Mr. Landis". Barnett asking about the sample collection process, and whether he had specific conversations about the use of testosterone. Next, Barnett refers to the Papp testimony and asks Landis about whether he's familiar with T micro-dosing. Barnett presents a news article from July 28, 2006, mentioning a German doctor Kurt Moosburger, who said that T patches can be of benefit. Question about whether Floyd was concerned about the doping cases at Phonak when he signed with the team. Other small-Q&A, not detailing it here.

I missed out on the cross-examination (something about requested blood samples) until Barnett asks about the Lemond phone call. The contention was, simply put, that Lemond said that Landis confessed to doping, while Landis said he didn't. Discussion about Floyd's DPF post about Lemond. Barnett is leading Landis towards his Saturday testimony about he being traumatized when having learned about Lemond's personal experience, and then writing that post at DPF, hinting at that very personal experience. Landis's response is that his post was NOT related to Lemond's personal experience, but generally because of him being extremely upset that his private conversation was mis-characterized by Lemond in public. Next, questions about Will-Gate. Going over the time line of what happened last Wednesday night. Landis admits he didn't talk to his lawyers that night. Barnett is asking about Landis' outfit on Thursday. What relevance has that ?? Barnett brings up a news article in reference to his outfit, which quotes Landis: "It represents the end of any credibility Greg Lemond has left". Landis denies having made that comment. Well, what has this to do with the case ? Back to Will-Gate, Landis clarifies that he told the attorneys as soon as he arrived at Pepperdine that morning. 15-minute recess.

Before the session resumes, links to other coverage:
Bill Hue

The court room still looks like it'll be at least another 5 minutes before we resume. The USADA lawyers rush in, where's the Landis team ? Here they come. We resume.

Barnett continues with the cross-examination, asking about the interview that Landis gave to Bicycling magazine (Note: it's the June 2007 edition). Article written by Loren Mooney, the author of his upcoming book. The quote Barnett is asking about: "Don't poke the crazy guy.". Barnett has apparently never heard that before. Goes in as an exhibit; what's the relevance ? No further questions from Barnett, over to Jacobs. It's back to the Phonak days and internal controls. Here comes the Girona question, where he shared an apartment with Dave Zabrieskie, and where most Americans train during winter. Jacobs asks Landis about Papp's testimony that T help recovery or endurance; Landis mentions that he just heard it in conversations. Now to July 23, the final stage in the 2006 TdF, which showed a normal T/E ratio but T metabolites consistent with exogenous T usage. Landis states that this is an easy stage, without a risk of losing the Tour. No more question from Jacobs, and none from USADA. Brunet calls for lunch break. We'll resume 12:45pm.

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