Monday, May 21, 2007

Malibu, Day 7 - Afternoon

Pommi is taking a day off today and had slept through this morning's proceedings in the Floyd Landis / USADA hearing; yesterday's century took its toll on me.

Rant and TBV though are up and awake, and have been following the circus as usual:

Monday Warmup
Monday Hearings: First Update
Monday Hearings: Second Update

Hearing - Mon Meier-Augenstein - I
Hearing - Mon Meier-Augenstein II
Hearing - Mon Meier-Augenstein III
Hearing - Mon Meier-Aug summary

The afternoon session will start with the cross-examination of Dr. Wolfram Meier-Augenstein, and the next witness after Meier-Augenstein will be Dr. John Amory from the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle, WA. Although Floyd is listed as a witness today, depending on the length of the questioning of the two experts, we may not see Landis back in the witness stand until tomorrow.

I love the exchange between Young and Meier-Augenstein; Germans don't take crap from anyone. When Young asked him about his experience, Meier-Augenstein responded "we can talk about this until the cows come home".

Lost video and audio.

This morning, Meier-Augenstein said:

"I'm terribly sorry, but if someone's life depends on it, his career depends on it, you don't go on assumptions," said Wolfram Meier-Augenstein, an expert in the kind of testing that produced Landis' positive results for synthetic testosterone.

"Like shooting fish in a barrel," Meier-Augenstein called the process of trying to analyze what he said is sloppy data.

"Even cheaters have a right to a fair hearing and to have data used against them that can be proved"

From TBV's play-by-play:
"q: what in nature has that value?
a: it doesn't have to be in nature my dear friend."

"q: where is it in the spec it matters if it's outside the spec?
a: they must have some criteria, how do they choose? Divine intervention? I'm amazed."


Got back audio and video. It sometimes looks as if Meier-Augenstein is cross-examining Young. BRILLIANT! Young's only "rebuttal" that I hear is the repetition of "You are not experienced in this and that". Meier-Augenstein's response: "Read the entire paragraph; don't quote out of context!". At 2:28pm, Young is done with the witness, no further questions from Suh, 15-minute recess.

3pm, we're a few minutes into Dr. John Amory's testimony. Amory essentially rejects the suggestion that the use of testosterone is beneficial for endurance athletes. Amory and Meier-Augenstein have been very good picks by the Landis team; they're both worth their money. Amory states that Floyd's T, E and T/E numbers from the 2006 TdF are not consistent with numbers associated with the application of testosterone. Amory explains that in Floyd's case, the metabolite numbers don't behave the same way as the T/E ratio and T and E values, so that's why the numbers don't make sense to him.

3:45pm, Young started cross-examination. He's having a BAD day. 4:10pm, Young is finished, literally. Now it's Jacobs' turn.

Lost video again, and the session is not listed anymore at In addition, DPF is down for about an hour now. But we appear to be done with the hearing for today, to be resumed tomorrow 9:30am.

Here's a comment that was posted over at TBV today; any similarities to cross-examinations of German scientists are intentional.

(Ok, I know I didn't invent the "banana anology")
Q: Professor, so you're saying that this banana, universally recognized by our experts as "blue", is actually "yellow"?
A: Why yes, it's yellow.

Q. But you're not an expert on banana coloration are you?
A: No, but it's clearly yellow.

Q. Where does it say it has to be yellow and not blue?
A. It doens't have to say it anywhere, it's pretty common knowlege that bananas are yellow, except for periods of time when they are green, but I can clearly see today it is yellow.

Q. But you're not a banana color expert correct?
A. True, but I've worked with color identification and I do extensive research with color identification, which can be applied to bananas and everything else.

Q. What if you look at this poor picture of a banana?
A. It's hard to tell from that photo whether it's even a banana because of the poor quality.

Q.Well, what if someone else said that this was a photo of a blue banana?
A. They'd be an idiot.

Q. I hate you!

My apologies to the orginal poster of the banana sequence.

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