Saturday, May 19, 2007

Malibu, Day 6 - Afternoon

I'm back. I'm trying to quickly process the morning's coverage from the Floyd Landis hearing before the afternoon session starts, which is in about 10 minutes from now at 1:45pm. Seems they're done with the appearance of Mr. Schn├Ązer, and there's some "talk" that Dr. Catlin is NOT next. Rant has actually a nice summary from this morning.

1:54pm, it IS Dr. Catlin as the next witness. I'm just going to refer to Bill Hue's and TBV's coverage.

3:10pm, we're in a short recess. 3:27pm, the circus continues with Suh cross-examining Dr. Catlin. The lawyers are done with Catlin at 3:48pm, now Campbell chimes in with questions.

3:55pm, everyone done with Catlin, now it's Landis turn. Jacobs begin his questioning by asking about Floyd's background and how he got into professional cycling. Landis is now describing details of his experiences in S16 and S17. Hey, the should play the stage in the courtroom while Floyd relives it. Other topics: the post-TdF events, Floyd's point of view on Will-Gate, and his hip surgery. Floyd makes a very confident, competent and honest impression.

We're past 5pm now. Once Jacobs is done, which sounds to be in a few minutes, we should be adjourned. And WE ARE. The hearing is suspended until Monday, 8:00AM.

(Hi strbuk, the post is complete now :)).

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