Friday, May 18, 2007

Malibu, Day 5 - Morning

Day 5 in the Floyd Landis / USADA hearing.

Today on the witness list:

Continued from yesterday:
- Christiane Ayotte

- Dr. Corinne Buisson, IRMA Supervisor LNDD

- Joseph Papp, Professional cyclist

- Dr. Bruce Goldberger, Professor and Director of Toxicology in the Department of Pathology, Immunology and Laboratory Medicine in the College of Medicine at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

Yesterday at this time we were speculating what Lemond could possibly has to testify; now we know. Today the question is what Joseph Papp has to say.
In addition, we will very likely see Will Geoghegan being called as a witness. So there will be more poking in the wound that Will caused two days ago by calling Lemond and threatening him.

The password for today's live feed: LandisF2/Q5P9ecux. 35 minutes until the circus starts.

Fresh from the ticker: Will Geoghegan issued a press release, from TBV:

"I apologize to Greg LeMond and his family for the distress I caused by my call. I also apologize to the arbitration panel and to Floyd Landis and his legal team for the distraction. I have been very angry about how unfair this whole proceeding is to Floyd, a great friend and a greater champion, and stupidly tried to take out my anger on Greg. I acted on my own, impulsively, after a beer or two. I never thought about keeping Greg from testifying. If I had, I would have concluded that since Greg is such a fierce competitor my stunt would likely make him more resolved to testify. What I did was wrong and very unfair to Greg. I am very sorry about and embarrassed by my conduct."

The hearing is off, with Suh cross-examining Ayotte. Bill Hue notes that Geoghegan is NOT present this morning. Suh has yielded to Jacobs, but a 15-minute recess is called at 10:12am. At 10:48am, we're ready to resume. And why do they call it 15-minute recess, if they always wander off for 30-60 minutes ? It was decided to now go ahead with a new witness, Dr. Corinne Buisson, and finish up with Christiane Ayotte later. Suh finishes his cross-examination with Buisson at 11:30am. Since USADA didn't have questions for Buisson, we'll resume with Ayotte after a 5-minute break. Jacobs is finished with Ayotte at 12:25pm. Barnett has no questions, but brings up that Geoghegan has counsel now and is seeking him as a witness, but Will is not here. USADA will take it up with Geoghegan's lawyers, and we're adjourned for lunch for one hour.

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