Friday, May 18, 2007

Malibu, Day 5 - Afternoon

Today's coverage of the Floyd Landis / USADA hearing, continued from "Malibu, Day 5 - Morning".

The next scheduled witnesses are Joseph Papp for USADA and Dr. Bruce Goldberger for Landis. Fireworks this afternoon ? Anyone ? Video, but no audio, is back at 1:55pm, and it looks like it takes another few minutes for the hearing to resume. Floyd's mom just sat down, and Bill Hue is sitting there in anticipation of things to come. 2:10pm, Barnett walks in, flirts with Ayotte .. no, they look over some papers. 2:17pm, Brunet welcomes back everyone. Update from him: Close of evidence is Wed 5/23 5pm, Closing arguments are TBD. Witness list is closed. Saturday will be a hearing day, from 9:30am-5pm, same as upcoming Tuesday and Wednesday. Monday will have a special starting time: 8:00am. Barnett calls Joseph Papp into the witness stand. Is Papp wearing the same tie as Floyd ?

Papp confesses to doping with EPO in 2001. He started doping with Testosterone in winter of 2005, and he received it by prescription by a "doping doctor"; he even brought the product with him: Androgel, Testosterone-Gel. Papp testifies that he didn't use the gel for muscle building, but for quick recovery, and that T/E screening did not pick up the T [initially]. He tells about that the gel is applied after a doping test on multi-stage races, and that "you're back to normal levels" 4 hours later. Papp accepted a two-year ban based on a May 6, 2006 AAF. Papp is then asked about analysis of power data; Barnett presents Floyd's S17 PowerTap data. 7% of Landis' 2005-2006 data points were OVER Landis' S17 data. The detour into the PowerTap data land is irrelevant for the case; what is relevant is Papp's testimony that T-microdosing helps recovery, opposed to what the Landis camp claims. Suh now doing cross-examination. It's mostly about what Papp has achieved (NOTHING!) in his cycling career, and the benefits on Papp by taking EPO. Suh gets him to admit that he also took caffeine, but Papp can't say what drugs he took when he was with Whistle, an Italian cycling team (the team has since been renamed). Suh asked him about who gave the drugs to him, but Papp needs to confer with his lawyer first. 15-minute recess.

Meanwhile, FFF's Michael Henson had sent out a letter regarding Will Geoghegan:

May 18, 2007

Dear Floyd Fairness Fund Supporter,

In light of the news coverage of yesterday’s testimony at the Floyd Landis arbitration hearing, we are writing to clarify that Will Geoghegan, who served as Floyd’s business manager until being fired yesterday, had no formal role with the FFF.

Floyd’s legal team is making excellent progress validating our case in the courtroom and Mr. Geoghegan’s actions have created a sad and very regrettable distraction from the critical issues at hand. Mr. Geoghegan’s telephone call to Greg Lemond is distressing and deeply abhorrent to those of us who are devoting substantial time and resources to a cause focused on advancing justice and fairness – in our case for Floyd and all athletes subject to the WADA/USADA system. People who have suffered sexual abuse deserve support and counseling, and there is no excuse for any other approach to victims of abuse of any kind.

As the focus of the hearings returns to disproving WADA/USADA’s allegations against Floyd, we are confident that the facts and science will continue to bear public proof of his innocence. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

3:30pm, Suh's cross-examination of Papp continues. Papp admits he got the drugs from the brother of the team director; HGH, amphetamine, EPO, thyroid hormones (hmm!), Insulin, anabolic steroids, the whole nine yards. Apparently, Papp's USADA case was only settled yesterday. Redirect to Barnett, and back to Suh, who brings up Papp's drug trafficking. Uh-oh. 5-minute recess.

Next up is Dr. Goldberger, a witness for the Landis camp; Jacobs questions. Goldberger is here to testify about LNDD's mistakes. Now we're talking about the white-outs, wtf ? Goldberger essentially says the data is unreliable in light of all these corrections. But he may have a point about the chromatograph that basically indicates that LNDD may have not measured one ion but two. Still, the T-E chromatograph looks "horrible" according to him (he complimented a chromatograph from the Montreal lab though). Going through many more graphs. 5pm, I'm tired; can they wrap up now ?

Tomorrow I'll take a break, and Sunday it's the Monticello Century.

Jacobs is reminded by Brunet that it's past five, but Goldberger won't be available tomorrow, so we carry on. Goldberger's response to whether he has any confidence in LNDD's analysis: "Not at all". Young starts the cross-examination. 5:32pm Jacobs' turn, and at 5:35pm the hearing is adjourned.

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