Thursday, May 17, 2007

Malibu, Day 4 - Morning

USADA's witness list for the Floyd Landis /USADA hearing was amended yesterday to drop Claire Frelat (LNDD) and add Greg Lemond. To our surprise, Ms. Frelat is the first witness today, and Suh is right now going over the same logs as yesterday with Cynthia Mongongu.

Early quote of the Day:

"Bordry, Botre ... two different people .... I suppose." - Maurice Suh.

At DPF, it is being reported that Eddie Merckx does not want to testify:
"I know nothing about the case and have nothing to do with it."

The other surprise is that Floyd is NOT wearing a yellow tie today, but is dressed all in black. Has the "gallows humor" turned into a realization ?

Frelat admitted that she knew that she was testing Floyd's S17 B sample back in August, just due to the press coverage. Now, a 15-minute recess called at 9:57am. 15 minutes turned into 40, and at 10:37am, we're close to resuming.

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