Thursday, May 17, 2007

Malibu, Day 4 - Afternoon

1:08pm, Pommi is back after a quick lunch ride. The afternoon session's feed of the Floyd Landis hearing is playing since 1:00pm, albeit no video or audio, until 1:19pm, when questioning of GREG LEMOND started. Lemond exactly voiced the sentiments that I stated yesterday, about Floyd's victory and then the doping news a few days later. Lemond then goes on describing the phone call he received from Floyd, and then is asked by Barnett about Floyd's posts on DPF.

The heat is rising the courtroom. Lemond did file a police report about a threatening phone call he received last night, and the phone call was traced back to Will Geoghegan. Holy cow. THIS is the Race to the Bottom. CN has an article out already. Jacobs then started his questioning, and at 1:50pm we're off to a 15-minute recess.

The 15-minute recess lasted 60 minutes. Considering the Lemond bombshell, is this why Floyd is wearing black today ? Everybody is seated, the doors shut. Is Will is gone ?

During the recess, the Panel met with the Counsel regarding Jacob's motion; they decided, and Jacobs is allowed to continue to question Lemond. Same discussion about Lemond's refusal to answer Jacob's questions comes up, Lemond's testimony is terminated. Will Geoghegan is being called as the next witness, but he needs to get legal advise first. Suh then announces that Will has been fired.

USADA's next witness, questioned by Walter Matthau, I mean Richard Young, is Christiane Ayotte, PhD, Professor, and Director Montreal WADA Accredited Laboratory.

10-minute recess called at 3:55pm, and it ends at 4:14pm. Young continuing to question Ayotte, but this is all bland compared to just 1 1/2 hours ago. Brunet reiterated that today's session will end at 5pm sharp, and just now, in the middle of Jacobs still questioning Ayotte, the live feed was cut off.

This afternoon has indeed been bizarre. See you for Day 5.

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