Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Malibu, Day 3

Day 3. Today first on the agenda: cross-examination of Ms. Mongongu. A few people commented yesterday on the fact that while she is not supposed to know whose sample she's analyzing, she did answer with "Yes" to the question whether she followed the quality control standard procedures while testing Floyd Landis' A sample. When I viewed the video, Ms. Mongongu rather acknowledged that she worked on that analytical file with sample number 995474, and not that it was Landis' file; secondly, by the time the hearing started, she must have known , that 995474 = Landis. And she really wasn't aware of that actual fact until last weekend ? Whether or not there's anything to it, Maurice Suh will certainly find out this morning.

The hearing has started, live feed works, DPF is up, what more can you ask for ?

10:50am, time for a recess, coffee, bagels, donuts, and grass and leaves for the kangaroos. It was astonishing to hear that Ms. Mongongu could remember details what she did with the flacon after the IRMS analysis at 11:25am on 7/22, but not anything about how often the IRMS had to be repaired since 2003.

After the recess, Jacobs continued, and now Suh has taken over in questioning Mongongu. Meanwhile, Le Monde reported that "the International Tennis Federation has dropped the LNDD as its drug testing lab for the French Open at Roland-Garros, in favor of the lab in Montreal."

5:20pm now. I couldn't attend most of the afternoon, and by the time I got back, Campbell was questioning Ms. Mongongu.

Tomorrow's witness: Greg Lemond, among others.
Scheduled: 8:30am-5pm.
5:23pm, hearing adjourned.

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