Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Malibu, Day 2

This is Day 2 of the Floyd Landis / USADA hearing at Pepperdine University. The hearing just resumed this morning with Dr. Brenna's cross examination by Maurice Suh, Landis' lawyer.

Until now, we haven't received new access information for the Live Feed from the courtroom. Courtroomconnect.com told me that there are "technical reasons through their site. The issue is that our servers can't accommodate a mass quantity of concurrent users. Rather, we are providing unique usernames and passwords to control the flow of traffic."

DPF has also been down at least since 9am this morning; server "Stephanie" is down:

It looks like our server "Stephanie" is getting a heart transplant and is in surgery at the moment. We will in all likelihood lose a few hours of messages back to the latest backup.

In Malibu, after a recess, Cynthia Mongongu from the LNDD is now on the stand. And now is lunch time. The video from this morning's session is now available.

The afternoon session has started and questioning Cynthia Mongongu has resumed, but it didn't take long until the hearing was adjourned until 2pm in order find another interpreter.

This is a slow day and they had a long lunch. While there is video from yesterday worth 6:49 hours, this morning's session just lasted 1:55 hours.

About 2:30pm, the hearing resumed. TBV and Hue have switched roles in their coverage; seems they're going over lab procedures now. DPF is still down, for now more than 6 hours. Nobody ever considers an Internet forum running MySQL as mission-critical; if there were no Landis hearing coverage to follow, we all wouldn't know what to do with all this free time.

The day in Malibu was wrapped up with USADA still "working on" Ms. Mongongu, so the cross-examination will happen tomorrow. Looking forward to it; I think I'm a Maurice Suh fan now. In the end, they got a 5:06 hour afternoon done, and with that slow start in the morning, still a 7-hour workday.

Surprises today:
"Brenna acknowledged, for example, that in several experimental test runs the lab had failed to reproduce its analytical results with scientifically acceptable precision.

He also acknowledged that documents produced by the lab showed that records relevant to the Landis case had been deliberately deleted."

Hopefully DPF and the live feed will work again tomorrow, but considering the ticker-like reporting by TBV, you almost don't need video.

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