Monday, May 14, 2007

Malibu, Day 1

Here's just a extreme brief summary from today's proceedings, as there is extremely good coverage by TBV and his team, including Bill Hue. The Floyd Landis hearing was just adjourned a few minutes ago until tomorrow morning. After the opening statements this morning from Richard Young, Howard Jacobs and Maurice Suh, USADA called their first witnesses, Dr. Cedric Shackleton from the Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute, and Dr. J. T. Brenna from Cornell University. Both witnesses were also cross-examined by Landis' lawyers. Suh raised a few issues, for example that the measurement of the internal standard was out of range in a few cases, but nothing that would tend to exonerate Landis. We also got to see that 4 out of the 7 tested B samples showed values of -4.6 and lower for 5-alpha-diol. How will Landis' team explain those ? Overall, it is a very fair hearing so far, nothing what was feared:

USADA calls surprise witness, Mr. Richard Pound.

"Call me Dick."
"Mr. Pound, did Floyd Landis dope?"
"Yes he did."
"No further questions…"

Courtesy 'MyTooSense'

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