Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bombshell Thursday

In today's press conference by the Landis team, just 4 days before the fireworks really go off in Malibu, the proclaimed bombshell was that USADA had offered Floyd Landis's lawyer Howard Jacobs a deal in form of a mild sentence for Floyd, when Landis can provide evidence that leads USADA to a doping conviction of Lance Armstrong. I was sure I heard about a deal being offered to Landis before, but this revelation just shines new but bad light on USADA's tactics. Landis said today that he didn't consider this a serious offer at the time, probably therefore this topic has not made the headlines again until today.
The other interesting news that Henson mentioned was that the Landis camp is petitioning the IOC to censure Pound for his defamatory remarks about Landis in the past 10 months. Not only had Lance Armstrong pursued the same venue successfully, but let's also recap the defamation charges brought against Pound by the former Austrian cross-country coach Walter Mayer; Meyer though dropped the case a bit later.
The magnifying glass is now even more focussed on USADA, especially after Tuesday's news that Campbell was excluded from deliberations of the panel. More bad shine, and the object is burned under the glass.

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