Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Wed, Apr 4

The Floyd Landis Fairness Fund (FFF) announced three more Townhall Meetings, probably the last ones before Floyd's May 14 USADA hearing:

- April 14 in Scottsdale, AZ
- April 18 over yonder in Atlanta, GA
- May 6 in Irving, TX

An indication that my mind has spent too much time on topics related to doping in cycling, was when I received the May edition of the Bicycling magazine with the headline "Blasting off the Pounds", and thought "Hey, there's a typo"; well, the article was then about shedding pounds and not Pound. Sigh.


Theresa said...

Pommi, are you in Georgia? Are you going to any stages of the Tour of Georgia? And the FFF meeting while you're at it???

pommi said...

Theresa, no, I'm on the other side of the continent, and I went to the FFF meeting in SF on Feb 18 already.