Thursday, April 12, 2007

USADA's fishing expedition

Received and posted by TBV:

1 USADA Document Request of April 3
2 Landis Response to USADA Document Request

TBV thinks that "the financial record search is part of an attempt to root out any big money behind Landis, possibly in the form of Armstrong or Andy Rihs, the latter which might be claimed to be in violation of some "ethics" rules by the UCI. The parts about payments to doctors and trainers come off as intimidation, but could be seen as tracking down his "network of doping doctors and support systems"."

In my mind, this request for all this documentation supports the theory that USADA is not at all out to find the truth but as Dugard said, out to "break him down and make him "poor like Tyler"". Floyd's comment:

"In light of the fact that USADA won’t produce critical information or allow me to depose or call key witnesses in person that will help me get a fair and unbiased hearing in May, it’s outrageous that they would send a letter to my lawyers asking for things like receipts for medical visits, complete donor-records from the Floyd Fairness Fund and a history of all of the posts that I made on the Internet. That’s just harassment, and the last time I checked, it would constitute an invasion of my privacy and of the privacy of everyone who wants to see this hearing conducted in accordance with the principles of fairness and justice.”

Also received from FFF:

USADA DENIES LANDIS REQUEST THAT Sample RETesting Take Place at UCLA Olympic Laboratory, LANDIS To SEEK Split of Remaining “B” Samples

The denial to have at least half of the samples analyzed by the world-class lab at UCLA, just fits into the picture. What is USADA afraid of ? That the analysis comes back negative ? They must have a strong conviction that LNDD will declare the B samples positive. Since a positive results can't be used to declare an AAF, the only other purpose is to attack Floyd's credibility. QED.

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