Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sat, Apr 28

Other than at DPF, the brouhaha over last Monday's news about Floyd Landis seems to have settled down. Amidst continuous conspiracy theories and speculations about the science, the conduct of USADA, and the performance of LNDD, floridacyclist brings it to a point:

"That the process is riddled with flaws doesn't mean USADA is proceeding in corrupt fashion, guided by unethical motives, and deliberately, with malicious intent, gaming those flaws just so they can nail a guy they know otherwise wouldn't be nailed. Sometimes it's just a whole lot simpler than that. Sometimes there's not an evil monster hiding in every closet and no ghouls and goblins under every bed. Sometimes it's just as simple as what it appears. The greatest likelihood among the various possibilities that could match the known observances is this: USADA is pursuing the truth as it believes it on the basis of the evidence, with no prejudice, malice, or dark conspiracy. Occam's Razor."

The question of Landis guilt or innocence has to be separated from the issues with the anti-doping system. What we know is that the anti-doping system needs an overhaul so that accused athletes get a more fair chance to appropriately defend themselves against the charges; it is probably too late for Floyd to savor this. Whether or not the issues with the anti-doping system quite generally have contributed to positive doping results, will transpire in the USADA hearing that will start May 14. There was an official request from Landis' lawyers to delay the hearing in order for them to be able to consume the results from the B sample analysis, but I have not heard whether this was granted or not. It is also not clear whether Landis has already received any data from USADA or LNDD. For sure, there will be more breaking news in the next 16 days.

In other news, the plan for today was to climb Mt. Diablo, but the day started out with a strategic mistake: I left too late. By the time I was about to start cycling at around 10:30am, the thermometer in my car already showed "83F", and once reaching Athenian School in Danville, I saw hordes of cyclists coming towards me, but none going my direction. Nevertheless, I climbed for a bit until I decided to turn around, and race along shady and cooler Danville Blvd. Tomorrow is another day; with 55 miles to go to reach 1000 miles for the year, there's enough incentive.

2007 riding stats: #of rides: 28, annual mileage: 945, pace: 2923

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