Sunday, April 29, 2007

LNDD deleted Landis S17 data

It took just a day, between me proclaiming "For sure, there will be more breaking news in the next 16 days" in the Floyd Landis saga, and a news release from the Landis camp claiming "CRITICAL LANDIS STAGE 17 EVIDENCE ERASED FROM HARD DRIVE AT LNDD, ORIGINAL DATA DESTROYED". With this regularity, expect the next round of breaking news in a week from today. TBV puts the recent news into perspective:

"We can't tell now if this represents a real problem for USADA, or a hyped reaction by Landis to a wrong timestamp on a copy, reflecting yet another "harmless clerical error" by the LNDD. There's more to both sides we aren't hearing."

For just like last Monday's news, it'll take a few days for the dust to settle, and to see what really is to make of this discovery. Meanwhile, DPF has started its own thread about the news. And after a long absence, Floyd is back.

Rant has also been busy:
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