Saturday, April 7, 2007

"Landis's Day in Court"

This is the headline of an article in the May 2007 print edition of Men's Journal, written by Joe Lindsey. From the table of contents:

72 Current Events
Why Floyd Landis's doping defense might actually work

The article talks about the upcoming USADA hearing, and that while the media and most observers have already proclaimed Landis guilty, it may actually be the USADA being on the defense. The hearing will be open to the public as per Landis' request, and his lawyers will not only attack the credibility of LNDD but also USADA's rules. Lindsey lists four contentions why Landis "could walk":
  1. wrong sample: the '995474' vs '994475' mixup
  2. faulty machinery: improper operation, antiquated software
  3. bad protocol: same techs involved in A and B sample analysis
  4. ambiguous rules: the fact that a reading for only one metabolite were out of range

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