Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wed, Mar 14

Rant and Steroid Nation discuss a slide that was presented by Dr. Arnie Baker at last weekend's FFF event in Chicago. The slide, based on data from the AFLD LDP, suggests, that the '995474 vs 995475' mix-up is not a mere typo, but rather another and bigger screwup by LNDD. While '995474' was the id of Floyd Landis' sample on Stage 17, '995475' is being attributed to another rider who was tested at Stage 19. So, 995474 (Floyd, S17) and 995475 (someone else, S19) were allegedly tested on the same day at LNDD, and this is when someone made a mistake and mixed up the samples and/or sample id's, leading to the wrong conclusion that Floyd failed the doping test. Let's recap the top finishers of the time trial from Le Creusot to Montceau-Les-Mines:

1. Honchar (UKR, T-Mobile)
2. Klöden (GER, T-Mobile)
3. Landis (USA, Phonak)

So let's ASSUME that at least the top 3 finishers are asked for a urine sample after the stage, and ASSUMING that testing them follows some order, how likely is it that the remaining two sample id's (998040 is Floyd's sample id for S19) shown in the slide (994187, 995475) belong to either Klöden or Honchar ? Could it be that easy to crack a rider's anonymity ? I hope not.

TBV comments on Rant's post, saying that a sample mix-up would explain why cortisone wasn't detected in Floyd's S17 sample. So the whole story remains interesting. I'm curious what the other 59 defense arguments are.

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The riders tested are the yellow jersey, the stage winner and a randomly selected rider. On stage 19 that would be Floyd, Honchar (stage winner) and a random rider.

Also keep in mind that the resutls could be a jumble of the two. I don't know how many work at the LNDD but UCLA, which does 4 times as more tests than the LNDD, has 40 employees. So, 10 to 15 is not out of the question.

Arnie is asking for documentation wondering is the same tech performed tests on both samples? Very possible since thet don't that have that many to start with. Maybe the tech picked up the wrong forms and took results from one sample and results from another sample and wrote them in the same document pack?

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