Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Tue, Mar 6

Yesterday, TBV and Bill Hue (well known to readers of the Daily Peloton Forum) published Part 1 of a series called "Judging Floyd" which summarizes Floyd Landis' case since the disclosure of his positive A-sample. The unbiased article explains well how the process went so far through the mills of UCI, USA Cycling and USADA, and why it didn't come as a total surprise that the USADA-appointed Review Board, ruled as they did, i.e. reject Landis' request for dismissal. The article also outlines what lies ahead for Floyd, and that the CAS arbitration panel soon will decide on his fate. It is not clear yet what the "judging" part of the series is, and what, if at all, the sentence will be.

Another point of view on the article: I'm puzzled about the references to the German Nazi government having invented synthetic testosterone and having used Auschwitz inmates for medical trials. I'm not really sensitive to the issue, since this is neither mine nor my parents' generation's "responsibility", and I'm not denying history either, but I don't like the political undertone in the reference to the "Nazi government" and its deeds; this is completely inappropriate considering that the topic is about Floyd's case. Even Bill's comment, "Those who deny history are bound to repeat it.", doesn't cut it, sorry. This is not the place for this opinion, unless it's being added that GW's grandpa, Prescott Bush, profited heavily from his involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany. But let's not go there. Secondly, a small inaccuracy: I believe that it wasn't IG Farben that invented synthetic testosterone; IG Farben is known to have invented other bad stuff which was also used on camp inmates. Rather, methods to prepare testosterone were developed in 1935 by mainly Adolf Butenandt and Leopold Ruzicka, who in 1939 received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their work. Ok, phone lines are open.


daniel m (a/k/a Rant) said...

About Prescott Bush: If memory serves me correctly, his business was confiscated under the "Trading With The Enemy Act."

pommi said...

Daniel, thanks for the comment. I was aware of this fact, but opted to be provocative for just this statement.

Bill hue said...

We were not trying to be political. I became sick of politics a long time ago. Sythetic testosterone has great medical uses. The two guys won the Nobel prize for it. That corporation took the yam, synthesised the testosterone, then quickly found a way to abuse it. They were Nazi collaborators. That is a historical fact. And it is terribly interesting, in every sense of that word. The article runs a transition from 1 nefarious abuse (keeping prisoners working) to another (cheating in athletics). The first is much more important and more serious than the other. We didn't editorialize, we made a historical point and then we quickly moved on.
My comment at TBV about history was in response to a comment that a person wanted to read the article but stopped once Nazis were referenced. My point there is not to bury your head in sand. People see evil where they want to see it. And in my opinion, they see evil in some odd places when it is so obvious but ignored, for whatever political purpose elsewhere. Floyd's case brings forth emotion and some of the most interesting and overblown hyperbole I've ever seen. But the characters in that case from Floyd to Pound to Tygart to the lab people in France are not evil. We have seen evil in the world and it exists today but it has nothing to do with bicycle racers.
That is as political as I want to get.

pommi said...

Appreciate your comments, Bill!