Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sun, Mar 25

Several news sources, among them, released essentially a more or less identical report from AP on Floyd Landis' fundraiser tonight in Ephrata:

"Tour de France champion Floyd Landis says his legal battle over doping allegations has drained him physically, mentally and financially.

The effort "takes all of my energy and a lot of my time," Landis told reporters before a Sunday night fundraiser at which he was greeted by thunderous applause by about 300 people."

One indication of it was his answer to who he thinks would win this year's TdF:
"I don't care."

His plans for the time after the fight against the doping charge is over, are clear: return to pro-cycling, but he hasn't spend more time on deciding for which team to race:

"I haven't pursued it because there is no reason to believe I'll be able to ride anytime soon."

Cheer up, Floyd; your fans and supporters will be there with you all the way.

In the meantime, TBV has posted his report (with more to come tomorrow) from this weekend's events.

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