Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sun, Mar 18

Despite yesterday's plan to not ride today, my better half proclaimed in the morning that I should go out cycling, otherwise I'd regret it. OK, I listened. I pondered riding up Mt. Diablo again today. Still feeling a bit of yesterday's ride in my legs, I set my goal to go up to the South Gate and be done with it. Once I reached the Gate, I thought "if I'm already here, I can as well ride up to the Junction". 25 minutes later I reached the Junction (2164 ft elevation) where you can either continue on North Gate Rd, downhill to Walnut Creek, or turn right onto Summit Rd. Along the lines of "if I'm already here, I can ride as well another couple of miles", I continued up on Summit Rd. At Toyon Picnic Area, at an elevation of 2602 ft and 61 minutes after starting the clock at Athenian School, I decided to turn around since the the cool breeze took its toll and I was longing for a Latte, so I headed back down the 8.2 miles.

2007 riding stats: #of rides: 19, annual mileage: 664, pace: 3147.