Saturday, March 31, 2007

Sat, Mar 31

The Floyd Landis FFF website now features a 3:35 minute video (hosted on YouTube) , that was recorded during the 2007 Tour of California, when Floyd Landis held his fund-raising events in San Francisco, San Jose and San Pedro. Judging from Floyd's outfit that day, this is coverage from the San Jose event, that took place on Feb 21. The video explains the mission of the fund, features comments by Floyd, Michael Henson and Brian Rafferty during the San Jose event and an autograph session at the Smith&Nephew booth at the ToC. We also see Floyd doing what he'd rather be doing these days: riding his bike, here on his new bike that is covered with Jack Handey quotes.

Update 2/4: Added video to the post. It's not so much the spoken words, but rather the accompanying music, especially when you see Floyd on the bike, that makes this video so intriguing.

And Breaking News at DPF, where a Chris T Fairness Fund is being considered, after chris t was banned from the forum. Speculations ran high until it was told that the cause seems to revolve around an exchange between him and ChrisH.

At home, I wrapped up the month of March with a 40-mile ride, bringing the total for this month to 348 miles, and 755 miles for the year. Cyclists were out in force today, but so were SUV's. In Danville, a mom with her SUV (I think it was a X-Terminator XXXL) backed into a cyclist and forced him to the ground; luckily only the bike and the SUV got scratched. Danville FD and PD came with all they had; usually you never see one cop around, while on Diablo Rd, they could be making a lot of money just by giving people in their shiny SUV's, Porsches and Corvettes a speeding ticket. Diablo Rd between Mt Diablo Scenic Blvd and Danville is mostly narrow and without a bike lane, and at times the speed limit is 30 mph; yet, cars zoom by as if this is Infineon Raceway. I'm always glad when I make back it into town without a closer call.