Saturday, March 10, 2007

Rant met Floyd

Rant filed a comprehensive report about today's Floyd Landis Fairness Fund event in Chicago, check it out. An interesting bit of information was revealed to Rant by Dr. Arnie Baker:

"I spoke to Dr. Baker briefly, and he told me that the arguments shown in the slide show are just 4 of about 60 arguments that the Landis defense is prepared to use during the hearings in May. And he mentioned that these are not even the strongest of arguments. The Landis defense is holding their best cards close to their chest, so as not to tip their hand to the other side.

Baker isn’t just whistling Dixie about this. He showed me the table of contents to the ever-growing document that contains all of their arguments. I can tell you that what he stated about the number of arguments is correct. There do seem to be at least 60, or perhaps even more, listed. [...] Baker estimates that he’s spent between 1300 and 1400 hours going over the lab documentation, and he says he’s still finding new areas of concern in the data."

Next stop on Floyd's Tour is tomorrow in Denver.

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