Friday, March 2, 2007

Fri, Mar 2

Sara Best works on a profile of Oscar Pereiro for the DP, and wants to portray him as "Oscar, the bike rider" and not the one who may or may not take the 2006 TdF title from Floyd Landis; yet she doesn't know quite what questions to ask him. Oscar was just recently interviewed by CN's Shane Stokes, and I believe that Oscar's own experience with the *ADA powers has apparently eliminated his anger towards Landis:

"For sure, I lost a lot. Winning the Tour de France in July and winning it much later is not the same. I've also lost out on criteriums, sponsors, publicity opportunities... it is incalculable." Yet, as regards Landis, he is able to be somewhat philosophical. "I think that all that has happened has been enough, it is not possible to be angry with him after what he has gone through. This has been very tough for him. Maybe he did something wrong, but he has paid a lot.

However, Oscar has not given up on the thought of being named the winner:
"As regards the decision [about possibly being named winner of the Tour], I don't know when it will be made. I cannot say how I would feel until that point in time, until the moment when the news comes in."

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theresa said...

Pommi, I agree,I excepted what Oscar has said, now. But, you are talking about some cycling fans that are trying to decide if they ever will forgive Oscar. Sara is doing her "Best" to influence us to change our focus. And I can see that you would like that, too! But, can't tell you how long that will take....We like Carlos Sastre, and Valverde!!