Sunday, March 18, 2007

CA 'Share the Road' has reached 7500 signatures

Today's update from Michelle Kashima:


We have reached our goal of 7,500 and are now flowing over with added signatures. If you haven’t signed please do! The petition will remain open until the first plate is on a car. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

More information at

What we must do next: A bill must be authored and supported by a state legislator to be pushed through all the steps required by the state of California in Sacramento. However we are not done, not by a long shot and we are asking for your help.

Please cut and paste the following and email it directly to YOUR state senator and assemblyman. You can find your state representatives for your district at the following websites:

We need to get the attention of all the California state representatives that this special interest plate is VERY important to us all and will SAVE LIVES through education and hopefully stiffer penalties to those who hit us!

The letter to email (you may send your own if you would like, but please send one):

"To my state representative,

I am in support of the special interest license plate “Share the Road” and I am requesting that this plate be established and available for purchase.

Our state representatives have told us that we needed 7,500 supporters for the DMV to even consider such a plate. The cycling community of California has spoken and we now have over 7,500 signatures located at:

If we have the support to make this profitable for the DMV and the expense is covered by the plate cost then this special interest plate should not be ignored. We are tired of cyclists being injury or killed by motorists that do not obey the law, or are ignorant to the law because it is not taught in driver education or the DMV handbook. The proceeds of this plate must go to help educate everyone of their responsibility to share the road and impose a stiffer penalty for those who do not."

Thank you for your support.

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