Saturday, February 24, 2007

The “two-technician" issue

Rational Head on the DPF Forum writes that

"There is NO evidence (at least none was revealed yet) that Landaluze-like deficiency is applicable to Floyd. In fact it is quite opposite as of now.. [...] There is clear evidence that (unlike in Landaluze’s case) Floyd’s confirmation tests were initialed by a different tech EACH TIME."
The same opinion is also voiced by others after closer review of the provided documentation. There's also significant doubt, that the "wrong pressure" issue is a factor in how it affected Floyd's IRMS results. So for the ones that wish Floyd Landis to be innocent, but still maintain a middle stand, including myself, the lesson is to keep your eyes and ears open to all sides, and not get carried away. As much as we want Floyd to get back on his bike, we should not give up objectivity until all facts are in.

In the meantime, TBV commented:
"Pommi files two posts, the first thinking the "two technicians" might lead to dismissal, the second one wondering if it is a problem at all."

Yeah, the world wonders ;-). RH's post was a rightful slap in my face to bring high-flying hopes down to reasonable levels. I'll wait and watch.

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