Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sun, Feb 25

A funny quote, from today's San Jose Mercury News:

"They must think elves come out in the middle of the night and clean their bikes."
- Doug Berner, a bike mechanic helping support one of the teams competing in this week's Tour of California.
The related article was posted last Wednesday.

2:25pm: The live coverage of Stage 7 just showed Floyd Landis for a few seconds, again all dressed up, being interviewed.

Last Friday night I briefly thought about taking my bike in my new Never-Follow vehicle down to Long Beach, watch the final stage of this year's ToC, as well as get some "it never rains in Southern California" riding done. Before the idea could materialize, I got stuck having to deal with my interim car and its failure to run. In the end, and also thanks to cold and rainy weather up here, I'm watching the stage race from my heated house, dreaming of riding in warm and dry weather, and taking it otherwise easy.

3:24pm: Meanwhile, the riders entered the last lap, with the peloton 40 seconds behind the break-away.
3:34pm: The peloton seconds behind from swallowing the break-away.
3:37pm: CSC leading the bunch.
3:39pm: 1km to go; T-Mobile moving up, Rabobank moving up.
3:4opm: and it's over, Ivan Dominguez (Toyota-United) wins the stage, Levi Leipheimer (Discovery) wins the 2007 Tour of California.

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