Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sun, Feb 18

Two cycling related events dominated my day today: the Prologue of the 2007 Tour of California, and the FFF Town Hall Fundraiser.

To make a long story short, just like in the inaugural Tour of California, Discovery Channel's Levi Leipheimer also won this year's 1.9-mile time trial. Team Slipstream's Jason Donald, powered by Chipotle burritos, started as the seventh rider, and held on to the first place with his time of 4:50.49 for a couple of hours, until Levi as the 144th and final rider of the day, crossed the finish line with a time of 4:49.05.

While the race was still in progress, Floyd Landis, accompanied by his manager Will Geoghegan, made an appearance at the Smith & Nephew booth for an hour-long autograph session.

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At around the same time, Saul Raisin showed up at Dave Shield's little stand next to the tent, where Dave was promoting his previously published novels, as well as the upcoming book about Saul.

At the Saris/CycleOps tent, I talked David Cathcart into testing my power on a PowerTap'ed bike, and it maxed out at 950 Watts; I'm still trying to figure out whether this means something.

Powered by some burritos, we made it then to the FFF Town Hall Fundraiser at Jillians. Floyd Landis and the FFF team with Michael Henson, Brian Rafferty and Arnie Baker, went through their usual program. After Henson's and Rafferty's introduction, Baker presented his slide-show, after which Floyd addressed the audience of about 100 attendees. After the Q&A session, the auction was next on the agenda. The first signed item to go was a bottle of Jack Daniels; I didn't keep track of the exact amounts of each item, but I believe Will "raised" $500 for it. Next a Smith & Nephew/CycleOps/Saris jersey as well as a Phonak Jersey, followed by Dick Pound's "High Impact Quotations" that went for $1000. The top item of the night was the Maillot Jaune that opened at $2000 but ended auctioned off at $1500 after nobody was willing to pay two grand. The night ended with Floyd signing bags, fliers, jerseys, photos or whatever you brought along. Some pictures from the event:


Brian Rafferty

Dr. Arnie Baker

Will Geoghegan

Michael Henson


Floyd and Pommi

PS: Looks like TBV's commute was a lot faster than mine since he beat me not only with regards to today's coverage, but also with much more detail.

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