Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sun, Feb 11

After pouring rain and fog yesterday, it fortunately cleared up today, so I decided to face my personal enemy-hill: southeast-bound Palomares Rd. As you can see from the elevation profile starting at about Mile 9 of this route, elevation-wise we go from 331 ft to 1226 ft on the next 5.1 miles. While the average grade is "only" 3.3%, the grade gets gradually steeper until the summit; the last 1.3 miles have a grade of about 7.7%, and about 9.3% on the last 0.61 miles. The subsequent downhill was a bit dicey due to wet roads and many rock slides. Closer to home is Harder Rd with an advertised grade of 18% for a 0.3 mile stretch, but I take this climb any day over Palomares Rd.

2007 riding stats: #of rides: 10, annual mileage: 360, pace: 3128.

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