Monday, February 12, 2007

Floyd's monthly hip update

Floyd Landis posted a monthly hip update on his website:

The Doctors released me to full training last month although they will still monitor me with regular check-ups. I am totally amazed at how my life has changed since I had my hip resurfaced. I can’t believe how much better everything is now that I have no more pain. Chronic pain can eat away at you, and you don’t even know it. What is even more amazing is that my leg is stronger than ever, and in fact as reported last month, stronger than the normal one!

Floyd also reports on last month's Power Training Camp, where he produced astonishing numbers, at least to us mortals:

"The highlight of the last month was my CycleOps PowerTap training camp here in Southern California. We had a total of over 50 riders at the camp and did a week in the hills and mountains in the sun of Southern California with the temperatures topping out in the 80’s. We climbed to over 5,000 ft. on Mount Palomar and Idyllwild, rode the 27% grade Goat-Dog hill, did a power test time trial and stopped for a World-famous Nessie Burger. 400-plus watts was a regular occurrence, and I topped out at 1100 watts on the Goat-Dog climb. [...] All told this was a blast and the most fun I’ve had since I stood on the podium in Paris last July as 2006 Tour de France Champion."

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