Friday, February 9, 2007

Floyd Landis coming to town

On Sunday, Feb 18, Floyd Landis and the FFF will hold the next townhall meeting/fundraiser, this time in San Francisco. The location will be at Jillians, 101 4th St. You can register online for the event at until Feb 17, 8:45pm PST; admission is $35 plus a service charge for credit card payment. It says that "Entry includes free Brooklyn Brewery beer.". Now that looks like a quick and dirty Copy and Paste :wink ..because wouldn't we rather prefer a local brew such as Gordon Biersch or Anchor Steam? I'm sure that Floyd will love "our" beer too. Don't forget that the Prologue of the 2007 Tour of California starts at 1pm the same day, just a few blocks away at Market and Embarcadero. Gee, this is almost like Christmas approaching: how many more days ?

And what is new from TheDick? While the IOC rebuked him today about his statement that Lance Armstrong used EPO during the 1999 TdF, the former Austrian ski coach Walter Mayer dropped his defamation case against Pound.

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