Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Clown still wants answers from Armstrong

CN reports that Dick Pound is still attempting to get answers from Lance Armstrong about the alleged finding of r-EPO in Armstrong's urine samples from the 1999 TdF. Nice try though. As reported earlier, the IOC already reprimanded Pound for his comments; nevertheless, and apparently completely ignoring Vrijman's findings, Pound insists that LNDD is "an accredited laboratory that found EPO in [Armstrong's] urine from 1999 and it's been matched with forms you [Armstrong] signed so if the analysis is right and the forms aren't forgeries you may have something to explain". Fact is that LNDD violated every rule there is with regards to doping control: lack of internal chain of custody, application of non-accepted non-validated screening procedures, failure to obtain consent from riders and UCI to test samples, etc etc etc the list goes on. Very disturbing. I also find WADA's hidden agenda disturbing: trying to use LNDD's research project for their own attempt on doping control of year-old samples and the subsequent sanctioning of athletes, and an apparent involvement with L'Equippe that broke the original story. Pound's recent remarks again show that he's on a real crusade, and it seems to have started with Ben Johnson's doping in 1988. I'm going to go on a limb now that Pound already had realized that he lost this battle against Lance, and that he decided to take on an "easy, next target": Floyd Landis. Well, it ain't that easy: Floyd is striking back, at Pound, at LNDD, at the system. Rightfully so.

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Anonymous said...

And just like Lance, Floyd will win as well.
Green Mtn.
Ephrata, Pa.