Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Are we in for a February surprise ?

It's shortly after 5:30am in Paris. In a few hours, Floyd Landis' hearing in front of the AFLD will begin and decide on Landis' future of cycling in France. There's a range of suggestions of how the hearing will end. It is most likely that AFLD will postpone any decision until after the USADA hearing, which is now scheduled for May 14. As reported on CN, according to Michael Henson, Landis' spokesperson and Executive Director of the FFF, and Brian Rafferty, Chairman of the FFF, Landis always had "fair dealings with the French authorities" and the "AFLD and Mr. Bourdry have been nothing but open and fair" and they "hope they will stay the hearings and follow standard jurisdictional lines.". So while I realistically also expect no ruling tomorrow, I'd optimistically expect a positive ruling for Landis rather than a negative one. The plethora of errors made by the LNDD, the inconsistent interpretations of results among different labs, large variation in results, the violation of rules and codes ... could we be in for a surprise ?

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